LEIF X Challenge

  • Always wear a helmet, wrist guards and other protective gear
  • Always practice in a closed area like a basketball court or empty parking lot
  • Post your questions, comments, and videos here for help and feedback!

Level 01

Level 01 | Challenge 01 – Rolling Start

The Rolling Start is the best way to get a smooth, quick start on the LEIF eSnowboard. You’ll save a ton of energy and also automatically align the SR360 system.

Level 01 | Challenge 02 – Carving Circles

Carving is the very first riding skill to learn on the LEIF. This will help introduce you to the LEIF system and get comfortable on the SR360 drive system. Carving on a snowboard does not involve sliding – just cutting on an edge through the snow. The LEIF acts the same way by leaning on the edge wheels to cut across the pavement.

Level 01 | Challenge 03 – Carving An 8

After you’ve mastered riding in circles on your heel and toe edge, we are going to stitch these together in a figure 8. The figure 8 challenge is one of the best ways to improve your riding forever, as it is very difficult to master at the highest level – which is eventually doing a figure 8 in an area no bigger than a doormat. But for now, we are going to make nice big figure 8s with smooth carves.

Level 02

Level 02 | Challenge 01 – Circle Slides

Now that you’ve mastered carving and are comfortable on the LEIF, its time to start sliding! There are two easy ways to get started sliding – by going for it and sliding to a stop (next lesson) OR stepping into it slowly with circle slides. This is where you carve in a circle and allow the back end to drift out in small increments.

Level 02 | Challenge 02 – Slide Stops

The slide stop is a crucial skill to learn to ride the LEIF safely – especially before you take to the streets!

Level 02 | Challenge 03 – Extended Slide Stops

Now that you’ve done circle slides and slide stops, it is time to start your path towards mastering slides. In this challenge, you’ll focus on extending your slides as long as possible, and doing so will naturally train you to get more of your weight over the center of the board and hold that balance point. This exercise never gets old, and is truly the ninja-training of the LEIF!

Level 02 | Challenge 04 – Sliding 8s

Sliding figure 8s will teach you to not only continue your mastery of slides, but also sliding and switching edges. In this challenge, the goal is to maintain a slide throughout an entire figure-8. To do so, you’ll have to keep your weight over the center of the board while using your knees and ankles to control the edge wheels to steer your way through the slides.